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Meet the Principal

Meet the Principal

Dr. Darcy Smith, Ed. D.


July 2024

Dear PMMS Families,

As we embark on a new academic year at Pal-Mac Middle School, I want to take a moment to extend a warm welcome to both returning and new families.

The middle school years are a time of transition and change for students and families. Our goal at PMMS is to create a welcoming atmosphere where every child feels valued, supported, and encouraged to explore their interests, talents, and passions. We believe in fostering a culture of inclusivity, respect, and empathy, where diversity is celebrated and differences are embraced.

Throughout the school year, we will maintain open lines of communication with you, ensuring that you are well-informed about your child's progress, upcoming events, and opportunities for involvement. Our school website and newsletters will serve as valuable resources for updates, important announcements, and a glimpse into the vibrant life of our school community.

Furthermore, you are encouraged to actively participate in your child's education by attending parent-teacher conferences and engaging in school-wide events and initiatives such as our Community Leadership Day. Your partnership and involvement are crucial to creating a strong and supportive learning environment.

I continue to be honored to serve as the principal of PMMS.  As I start my thirty-first year at PMMS this fall, I feel so much pride. I feel very connected to this community.  Many parents of current students were students in the middle school throughout my years here and now it is my privilege to know their children, too. 

Thank you for entrusting me with your child's education. I wish you all a fantastic year filled with growth, achievement, and memorable experiences.



Darcy Smith
PMMS Principal